Sky Lanterns Wedding Idea

Sky Lanterns Wedding Idea

Vanessa & Spencer: A Tangled-Themed Engagement Shoot at the Lantern Fest
Photos By Beyond the Darkroom Photography

Ever since she was a little girl, Vanessa Rasmusson has been enthralled by the character of Rapunzel. With her long golden locks, the Utah native even resembles the follically fortunate fairy-tale figure. So it’s no surprise that when Disney’s Tangled came out, the animated flick instantly took its place among Vanessa’s favorite films. And it’s also no surprise that several years later, when her real-life prince popped the question, Vanessa found herself turning to the movie for engagement photo ideas. She and her fiancé, Spencer, soon decided to create their own version of the movie’s mesmerizing lantern scene. (In Tangled, Rapunzel’s wanderlust is stirred by the sight of sky lanterns that appear each year on her birthday, set lovingly aloft, unbeknownst to her, by her parents in an annual ceremony of remembrance.)
At first, it didn’t seem meant to be. “On the day of the shoot, it was so windy that we couldn’t even light a single lantern,” says Christie Gibson, the couple’s photographer. “I still hoped we could run with the Rapunzel theme, but logistics were against us, and hope fizzled out fast.” As the stars would have it, though, hope was just as quickly rekindled when the couple learned that The Lantern Fest was coming to town. The traveling festival unites revelers with an evening of live music, dancing, marshmallow roasting, and setting the darkened sky aglow with floating luminaries carrying hundreds of hopes and dreams.
“We got some beautiful shots as the sun was setting over the Bonneville Salt Flats, and then after night had fallen, we sat around a campfire and waited for the lanterns to be released,” Christie says. “It was tricky because of the low-light conditions, but I was able to get a few magical shots.”
Magical, indeed. Neither a storybook nor the silver screen could have rendered it more romantic.
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